Sunday, March 2, 2014

Take a Stand Against Bullying

As I read about another suicide, a fairly tragic one, that took the life of a 15 year old in Canada, I am saddened by the loss of potential by someone that could have gone on to be a doctor, a lawyer, or anything she desired.

In accordance with efforts to prevent bullying, I am offering my book, Teen Juggernaut, FREE to anyone that visits my website and clicks the "Teen Juggernaut" link. It is free to download. It contains chapters on the following:
*Dealing with bullying, and building self esteem
*Coping with family issues
*Choosing a good career
*How learning math can lead to a high paying job
*How to study better
*Tips for reduced and free tuition for college
*Alternative career paths such as vocational training, military, or starting a business

As a young person in high school, I was bullied for most of my ninth grade year. It was very demeaning and left a few psychological scars. What I didnt know at the time, was that period was a very brief time in my life. I actually had to leave high school over it and go somewhere else and return. Couple this with a lot of family issues and you had a recipe for educational difficulty.

I grew up and went on to write books, get a Doctoral degree, start my own skateboard company, and get myself into good shape. The people that bully you cannot define your life. They are weak, and always look for someone smaller to torment because they dont like themselves. Its your job to ignore them and keep setting goals for yourself.

If you are having trouble with a bully or just need a good guide for defining your life, please get a copy of my book. I spent two years writing it and I think its a great overview for any young person.

Wishing you success,

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